Repco Auto Late Model Rebuildable Cars and Trucks

2014 Mustang convertible V6 AT here fence 15kmi $13,900. Clear
2013 GMC 4dr 2wd coming L front 13kmi $16,500. Salvage
2013 Silverado K3500 4dr 4wd diesel C&C here rolled $11,700. Salvage
2012 GMC 4dr 4wd Z71 here ends 11kmi $20,550. Salvage
2011 Buick LaCrosse CXL V6 here R side 32kmi $12,800. Clear
SOLD-2011 GMC 4dr 4wd Z71, drive home here minor 43kmi $20,400. Salvage
SOLD-2010 Wrangler Sport 4dr 2wd AT here L side 52kmi $10,500. Salvage
2010 F150 4dr 4wd Lariat coming fr/side 54kmi $15,500. Salvage
2010 F150 4dr 2wd Platinum here repaired 54kmi $19,700. Salvage
2009 F150 excab 2wd XLT here rear 66kmi $8,800. Salvage
2007 Taurus SE coming hail 162kmi $2,800. Clear
SOLD-2008 Yukon Denali 4wd V8, drive home here front 80kmi $14,800. Salvage
2005 Audi A4 2.0T here hail 128kmi $5,900. Clear
2005 Xterra SE 4wd here repaired 80kmi $5,600. Salvage
2005 Cavalier here used 143kmi $2,500. Clear
SOLD-2004 Chevy SSR here front 62kmi $13,500. Salvage
2003 Dodge 3/4T 4wd diesel here tranny 192kmi $10,900. Salvage
2003 Chevy SSR, good bags here front 88kmi $11,800. Salvage
2002 Chevy Tracker 2wd here used 166kmi $3,600. Clear
SOLD-1999 Taurus, ready to use here used 132kmi $1,800. Clear
2013 Fusion Titanium ECO boost CALL R side 4kmi $12,300. Salvage
2012 Dodge dually 4dr 4wd CALL rear 40kmi $34,800. Salvage
2012 Dodge dually diesel 4wd CALL front 35kmi $20,500. Salvage
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